Episode 3: Inuit Art

Inuit art has a huge role to play in the art market, especially in Southern Canada. It's to be found in major museum collections, the homes of private collectors, and commercial galleries. It seems like everywhere you look, some website is trying to sell you a soapstone carving. But how much, in the South, do we know about Inuit art? This episode we discuss information and misinformation, repatriation, artistic practice in Northern Canada, and the role of Inuit art's extensive markets.

My guests are Kohila Kurunathan, web communications specialist, Kuzy Curley, artist and outreach coordinator for Mobilizing Inuit Cultural Heritage, and Anna Hudson, Associate Dean, Faculty of Fine Arts, and Principal Investigator on the Mobilizing Inuit Cultural Heritage SSHRC Partnership Project.

The artists Kuzy refers to-- all of whom are creating a collaborative work for the Inuit Circumpolar Council meeting this July-- are Ashoona Ashoona from Cape Dorset, Kathy Kuniliusee from Broughton Island, and Frederick Silas Qulaut from Igloolik. 

Music in this episode comes from Podington Bear and Josh Woodward. That email about my upcoming theme song comes from Paul Weadick.