Episode 2: Unprofessional Development

This month, we talk about the confines of the professional, and the things that lay just outside those confines: day jobs, religion, biography, internships, scandals, rejecting an art-making formula, and the things that happen in the meantimes and in-betweentimes of art careers. I get confused, tangled, and emotional. Things seem bleak, and then they seem like they may be going somewhere.

Sky Glabush's exhibition, "Display," is on at mkg127 until April 26th. You can find his talk from Canadian Art's Gallery Hop here, and you can find him on Instagram here.

Artist Wanted (Rita Camacho Lomeli, Rodrigo Marti, and Wing Yee Tong) are out and about. Particularly, check out the reading list about artistic labour they compiled here

Music in this episode comes from Chris Zabriskie and BOPD. My beautiful new logo comes from Clara Bee Lavery.


Posted on April 7, 2014 .