Episode 1: What is Art?

What it Looks Like is born! A good introduction starts at the beginning, introduces the concepts, feels out the field, asks some ol' fashioned low-ball questions. But asking what art is can be a bit tedious. Instead, this month's podcast explores moments when people are faced with unusual experiences, and must decide whether or not to call them art. 

Spoiler alert: this is a podcast about art. I have a hunch you might know where this one's going.

This episode includes lovely interviews with Kaari Sinnaeve, Shawna Dempsey & Lorri Millan, and the VSVSVS collective. Music comes from Monroeville Music Centre, Marco Trovatello, and Podington Bear. Sound effects from Razzvio, Herbert Boland, Jim68000, Conradts, and cbakos

Take a listen, and let me know what you think. I'm excited for you all to hear. 

Posted on March 3, 2014 .