Episode 4: Regionalisms

Regionalism is a perhaps-necessary complication in a huge country divided by arbitrary borders. But it's also contentious: what does the place we make work say about the kind of work we make? 

This episode, contributions from Amber Christensen and David Yu attempt to untangle regionalism's hold on Canada. Amber Christensen interviews Amy Fung on her touring prairie exhibition, They Made a Day be a Day Here, and David Yu presents a sound work reflecting on the high-performance, corporate-tinged atmosphere of a glitzy Toronto contemporary art party. 

The audio in this episode comes from the first round of submissions to the rolling Regionalisms call for submissions. Our new theme song comes from the amazing Paul Weadick.  Additional background music from Josh Woodward. More about the art critical experiment I'm doing in Toronto on January 7th can be found here

Posted on November 26, 2014 .